Call for Input (English)

Forum for the Right to City 2021: Call to create the city

Dreams need space – united against the neoliberal city!

Status report: While some have no more income or can not pay their rent, others sink even deeper into care work, risking their health. And others have to ask themselves how they can stay at home, when there is no home. At the same time, we all know by now what it means when public spaces disappear, because clubrooms, sports facilities, cultural centres and youthclubs, foodbanks and soupkitchens, advice centres, libraries, social institutions, educational opportunities, cinemas, theatres, concerts, restaurants, bars and clubs aren’t accessible anymore. When protests and any form of gathering, in short: spaces for encounter cease. As a consequence of the Coronavirus, conflicts come to a head and become collateral crises. The prerequisites for overcoming a crisis like this aren’t a given for everyone.

We know it doesn’t have to be like this. The Right to City ist here for an encouragement to counter neoliberal Capitalism and to become aware of the alienation, as the price we pay. It stands for the right to an urban life with all it‘s qualities, to a dignified life, to the observance of human rights, to self-fulfillment, to recognition (also politically) and social participation. The Right to City is a call to grow visions – especially utopian-sounding ones. This call explicitly addresses all those who are already fighting to cope within the city each and everyday and who, endure state repressions, time and again. And at the end of the day this means that Right to City is the right to a future on a liveable planet.

The history of the Right to City movement is continuing, the voices are getting louder and already this year a lot has happened. Let’s get together to exchange experience, gather ideas and develop plans! You are cordially welcome to the seventh nationwide forum of Right to City (3.-5. september) at the Alte VHS Bonn!

We hope that we will not have to hold the forum digitally, but we will prepare for either way. This time, we – the organizers – are mostly coming from the Mietenwahnsinn-Bündnis Berlin (alliance against rising rents) and the Alte VHS Bonn, a 800 qm socio-cultural centre in Bonn.

We are calling on you to send in your suggestions for program contributions! The forum exists for and also through you. Most of all it is a networking and perspective meeting that lives of your experiences, actions, ideas and questions. So hand in your ideas (e.g. talks, workshops or joint actions)! Go for it:

Think intersectional!
Your struggles might be various and specific, we want to focus on the interconnections of different forms of discrimination:
We understand Right to City as anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-fascist, antisexist, (queer-)feminist and climate-oriented.

Join in!
You don’t have to belong to a registered association, individuals can also hand in their ideas. Should you be unsure or have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Be creative!
It doesn’t necessarily have to be a talk or workshop nor does it have to be a fixed scheme. You can plan different kinds of format or otherwise, moderate idea-workshops for example, and think about other networking opportunities.

Share this call
With your network and with all those who, in your opinion, need to be heard! Let’s not remain in our niches and let’s create a diverse forum!

You can reach us and send your ideas via

For better planning we would appreciate it if your submissions reach us by 30th June!