Here we go! Info about the forum

Information about the program, the locations, the food, the party, childcare, the vibe of the endeavour and the infrastructure.

The 10th Right to the City Forum (June 7 to 9) is about to start, and we are really looking forward to an exciting weekend with you! Before we all meet on Friday, here are some information, requests and suggestions:

First of all: When you arrive, please drop by the info point. There you will find the latest information and opportunities to be involved.

Program: The program here on the website is the current one — any changes will be added here continuously.

Venues: We have a total of nine rooms available for the events during the day. Four of them are a maximum of approx. 10 minutes’ walk from the main location, the so-called “Dragonerareal” or “Rathausblock”. The exact addresses (and links) can be found under the menu item “Locations“. Allow some time to move between the locations. The “StadtWERKSTATT” (former Adlerhalle) will be the central location with an info point, bar and kitchen. You can find information about the site’s backstory on

Accessibility: Many sites are accessible at ground level and have wheelchair accessible toilets. If you need assistance on arrival or on site, please let us know in advance by email and at the info point.

Food: A “kitchen for all” is offered on site. All meals are vegan. You can find the meal times in the program. The recommended donation will be between 3–9 euros per meal — please give what you can. The KüFa is organized by the great crew “Food 4 Action“. And they are also still looking for helping hands. Chop along, sign up — it’s fun!

Party: As usual, there will be a party on Saturday evening to celebrate the day’s end. The “Südblock” at Kottbusser Tor is hosting us. People can arrive there from 9 pm and get in the mood with a drink. The party will then start at 11pm with music. We will probably have a password at the entrance, which we will be announcing beforehand. Feel free to bring your friends and acquaintances. 🙂 However, please do not advertise the party publicly. In order for us to be able to finance the rent for the location, there will be a recommended donation at the entrance. However, we do not want to exclude anyone. If you don’t have any money, you don’t have to give anything. We look forward to seeing you all! Helping hands are also needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Check out the shift plan again or say hi to the info point at the venue.

Childcare: We offer childcare during the event times. If you have additional needs, please register them as early as possible at the Info Point and we will try to arrange childcare. Please let us know if there are any changes to the number of children listed on the registration form so that we can plan accordingly.

Awareness concept and shifts: You can find our awareness concept here. Please have a look there to find out more. We are also urgently looking for people who can take on awareness shifts. Simply get in touch with or at the Info Point. No special previous knowledge is necessary 🙂 The awareness crew will brief you in advance.

Infrastructure: We are excited about the great level of interest and the many registrations for the forum! At the same time, we only have limited capacities and therefore ask for your patience and understanding if there are long toilet queues, a missing chair or if not everyone can fit into their desired workshop room. Take care of each other, take your rubbish with you, wash your dishes and keep the toilets clean. 😇

Organization and atmosphere: Remember that everything is self-organized (and to be honest, the organization team is quite small). It will certainly get a bit bustling in between, as there will probably be many “day guests”. Please be understanding if something doesn’t run smoothly and help out where you can. Don’t expect perfect service, but be part of the bigger team. Talk to each other. If you notice something, try to solve it together.

Support: We are looking for support in all areas: Kitchen, cleaning, bar, childcare, info point, awareness. Please sign up in the shift schedule.

Telegram group: Stay up to date with the forum’s Telegram group – you have received the link by e-mail and it is also available at the Info Point.

And last but not least: Don’t forget the European elections on Sunday, 9 June 2024! You can simply go to your local polling station now and cast your postal vote there. (…)

We look forward to having a great forum with you!

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Everyone should feel accepted and comfortable at the Right to the City Forum — we are all taking care of this, together with the Awareness team.

Here we go! Info about the forum

Information about the program, the locations, the food, the party, childcare, the vibe of the endeavour and the infrastructure.