Nationwide network against “Heimstaden”

Heimstaden, as the second largest private landlord in Europe, represents the entire range of problems that tenants and neighborhoods everywhere are struggling with. Whether it’s

Life or Vacant Space

Frankfurt is vacant. In every neighbourhood, in every street, there is a residential building with no one but the wind in it, a new luxury

The Kiez Team Structure of the DWE Campaign

Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen gilt als basisdemokratische Vergesellschaftungsbewegung, die mit dem Instrument des Volksentscheids echtes Gemeineigentum an Wohnraum durchsetzen will. Ein Großteil der Aktiven

Smart city, transhumanism and alternatives

Everyone is talking about Smart City, but what is it actually? The smartization of the city encompasses all areas of life: Housing, transportation, supply/logistics, communication,

Prevent Demolition!

Aims of the workshop: In the joint part of the workshop we will talk about arguments, dimensions and regulations of demolition. During a work phase