2:30 p.m.: The Berlin Cuvry Settlement — Germany’s First “Favela”?

2:30 p.m.: The Berlin Cuvry Settlement — Germany's First "Favela"?

Niko Rollmann (historian/writer)

The hut settlement on Kreuzberg's Cuvrystraße, which existed from 2012 to 2014, was one of the most extreme and controversial places in the city: for some it was an "eyesore", for others the last local bastion against gentrification. What is the reality behind these views?

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The lecture will explain the history, nature and demise of the settlement — which was home to up to 120 people from various population groups — as well as the political controversies associated with it. It also explains why the "Cuvry" was symptomatic of local, regional and global developments.

Sat 13:30 - 15:00 StadtWERKSTATT