Alternative forms of popular organization

Alternative forms of popular organization

Ciudad Migrante
Network for communalism

We are two groups with different theoretical and practical backgrounds that have a common focus: alternative forms of grassroots organizing. We will discuss different ideas and practices to exchange with other collectives in the audience and inspire each other.

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In our discussion, we would like to stimulate a debate between the two organizations that will enable us to develop new forms of grassroots organization. The idea is that each collective reports: What is the theoretical framework we rely on, and how did we arrive at it? How do we apply this theoretical framework in our political practice?

Key questions

  • How does the capitalist system affect our forms of organization?
  • What role should people play in solving social problems?
  • What role does territory play in our political work?
  • What obstacles do we encounter in our political practice?
  • How can our everyday practice be seen as part of the general struggle for a new and better society?
  • Specifically, how can we imagine forms of self-help that not only fill gaps in the retreating neoliberal welfare state, but also develop an independent alternative social project?
  • How can solidarity networks use gaps to expand spaces of self-governance where our collective power grows, which challenges the dominant system "from below"?
  • How can this be applied to the territorial and organizational context of the city?
  • What is the relationship between the grassroots organizations and the work in the existing political institutions?

Mon 8:15 - 0:00 Kiezraum