Building the Caring, Queer-Feminist Women* City From Below — From Maps to Dough

Building the Caring, Queer-Feminist Women* City From Below — From Maps to Dough

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The workshop consists of two parts. The first is "care mapping", in which we want to map our places, paths and people in our daily care routines. On the other hand, there is an invitation to use various creative means to create a caring city. After a short introduction, the two parts of the workshop can be carried out independently, simultaneously or in their own order. But there will also be moments of exchange. Everyone is invited to take part.

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Wie könnte eine sorgende, queer-feministische Stadt von und für FLINTA* aussehen? Shouldn't this city be for everyone? In order to approach this question together, we want to try out different methods:

First, we want to do a "care mapping". Here, we map our care pathways, care practices and care infrastructures that we use every day. Which places, people and paths are relevant to your everyday life as care-givers? Who do you care about, who supports you and who cares about you? Which places and paths are "caring" for you and which are "uncaring"? Together, we want to record our everyday life as carers on a "care mental map" and then get talking. We hope that mapping care relationships can be a first step towards creating a care network, better meeting the needs of caregivers and creating appropriate framework conditions for care work. A first step towards a needs-based, queer-feminist and post-capitalist (urban) planning, that is not oriented towards patriarchal power structures and capital, but towards our everyday and generational care relationships. The "mental maps" of care can serve as a basis for the other part of the workshop.

In the second part of the workshop, we will look at our vision of a caring city. The "open table" of FLINTA* City is an invitation to everyone to create forms, texts and images of a different, common and caring city. We transform our ideas with clay, colors and writing: What would a city look like that is designed according to the needs of FLINTA* - women, lesbians, inter-, non-binary, trans- and a-gender people? What do we need to live, dwell, love, be ... in a city? What words, forms and images are created in this process? We will search for answers to these questions individually and collectively at the same time. The "caring city" will materialize before our eyes. The open table deliberately places the needs of FLINTA* at the center of the caring city, based on their expertise and their experiences of structural exploitation. Nevertheless, such a city should be a city for everyone, and everybody is invited to join.

Mon 6:27 - 0:00 Glasraum (StadtWERKSTATT)