Guided tour through the Gleisdreieckpark, where the so-called “Urbane Mitte” is to be built

Guided tour through the Gleisdreieckpark, where the so-called "Urbane Mitte" is to be built

Aktionsgemeinschaft Gleisdreieck
Matthias Bauer
Patrick Vater


119,000 m² of office space, hotel, commerce in Gleisdreieckpark - on site we talk about nebulous contracts, investor threats, hasty politics and Luxembourg speculators. But we are also talking about resistance and success: the Development plan has been overturned.

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As part of this walk along the - possible - future construction sites of the so-called Urbanen Mitte, we will explain the background to one of Berlin's largest speculation and new construction projects.

We talk about the history of the area and why a gigantic concrete jungle is to be built here on former railroad land, if politicians and investors have their way. We talk about the background: an urban development contract, the so-called citizen participation and other tricks of the investors, the speculation and the immense profits. We talk about our years of struggle, the expertise gathered in the Ini, our resistance to erroneous and embellished expert opinions, our successes at the administrative, legal and political levels, and our tools for mobilizing neighbors, activists and sympathizers.

Last but not least, we show how planning could now be restarted: Our crowdfunded legal assessment of the urban development contract, which supposedly justifies recourse claims in the hundreds of millions if the project is rejected by the district, is a precedent and can also be an interesting tool for other Inis. Or as the taz wrote at the time: "The report puts a stop to the crazy idea that politicians, in an act of elected self-castration, make promises to private actors that freely elected members of parliament would still have to keep decades later."

Sun 14:30 - 19:00 Excursion