Prevent Demolition!

Prevent Demolition!

Initiative Justizzentrum erhalten (München)
Anti-Abriss Bündnis (Anti-Demolition Coalition), Berlin

In times of housing and climate crisis, any further demolition is total madness! That's why there are initiatives in many cities that organize against demolitions. We want to talk to you about the problem of demolition, introduce you to our initiatives and make plans together on how we can prevent further demolitions.

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Aims of the workshop:

  1. Information about the problems and dimensions of demolition;
  2. Brief introduction to the legal regulation of demolition: Why is demolition sometimes more profitable than preservation?
  3. Strengthening and networking initiatives that oppose demolition.

In the joint part of the workshop we will talk about arguments, dimensions and regulations of demolition. During a work phase in small groups, various initiatives introduce themselves and brainstorm action ideas with the participants.

Initiative Justizzentrum erhalten / “Initiative Preserve the Justice Center” (
Anti-Abriss Bündnis Berlin / “Anti-Demolition Coalition” (@anti_abriss)

Sat 15:00 - 16:45 AGB PopUp 1