Radical Imagination, Creative Storytelling and Dance 1/2

Radical Imagination, Creative Storytelling and Dance 1/2

Ivan Txaparro

Explore the connection between radical imagination, storytelling and dance. Explore embodied strategies for creating narratives for alternative futures inspired by South American musical traditions.

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People who defend nature and speak out against social injustice often face serious emotional and mental challenges due to the demanding nature of their work, as well as increasing hostility from groups opposed to necessary change. In this workshop we will explore different strategies for collective care and creative storytelling for activists in the context of dance and rhythmic improvisation.

The workshop will include several practical exercises on the concept of "radical imagination" to promote storytelling and enable participants to create alternative historical narratives and possible future scenarios in a participatory way. In addition, we will incorporate several hands-on group exercises on body awareness, rhythm and groove, inspired by Afro-diasporic and Afro-indigenous community music practices such as cumbia, bullerengue and hip-hop, as an inspiration and preparation for our writing and performance experiments.

Sat 15:00 - 16:45 F1 Mehringplatz
Arts Workshop