Right to the City & space for all at Hermannplatz

Right to the City & space for all at Hermannplatz

Initiative Hermannplatz


A walk around Hermannplatz, which focuses on the planned demolition of the Karstadt building, the redesign of Hermannplatz, the related gentrification and the resistance against it.

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The Hermannplatz Initiative is campaigning against the demolition of the Karstadt building on Hermannplatz and against the redesign of Hermannplatz, because this would further push the displacement of small businesses and tenants from Kreuzberg and Neukölln and further destroy the predominantly immigrant neighborhoods. The Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing is continuing to pursue the prestigious project planned by the Signa real estate group on Hermannplatz despite the group's insolvency. The Senate is waiting for the next real estate sharks to push through their planning goals. What do these consist of? At least not in terms of caring for the interests of the residents. Signa had used a perfidious strategy to transform an initially abstract idea into a formal development plan process despite resistance from the district authorities and the neighborhood - a strategy that is still working even after its insolvency ... We would like to present these strategies to you on site and, above all, discuss our own strategies and tactics.

We start at Hermannplatz, next to the central sculpture on the square. At the square, it will focus on the history of the site, but also on the question of the visibility of migrant communities, on racist, territorial stigmatization, but also on spaces of protest and demonstrations. The second stop is the backyard of the Karstadt site. The Kiezwashing, Artwashing and Greenwashing campaign, but also Signa's political lobbying, is visible there. Our last stop will be at our protest kiosk on Hasenheide to discuss our spatial and political strategies and to have a snack for a donation at the Kiez-Küche, which serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food in the kiosk every Sunday, and to help the Kiez-Küche clean up.

Sun 14:30 - 19:00 Excursion