Right to the Street? Drugs, Criminalization and Space

Right to the Street? Drugs, Criminalization and Space

Sarah Klosterkamp (Goethe University Frankfurt, moderator)
Luise Klaus (Goethe University Frankfurt, Input)
Moritz Rinn (University of Duisburg Essen, Input)
Ralf Köhnlein (Fixpunkt e.V., Berlin, Input)
David Kiefer (Wrangelkiez United, Berlin, Input)

The event invites you to critically examine the criminalization of drugs and their users under the heading "Right to the Streets?" and asks what is needed to overcome this criminalization.

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Open drug scenes are a genuinely urban phenomenon. At the same time, gentrification is narrowing the niches for deviant behaviour, which means that visible drug scenes and the places associated with them are increasingly problematized. People from open drug scenes are often confronted with social and spatial exclusion. Nevertheless, new processes of appropriation of public spaces by drug users are constantly taking place, mostly under social stigmatization and repressive means of spatial control. We would like to discuss the criminalization that is often associated with this. Do we need a "Right to the Street"? What measures and means are (really) suitable for creating free spaces for the group concerned without criminalization and stigmatization?

During the panel discussion, the role of social work will be emphasized in particular, as well as the perspective of people from such drug scenes. Luise Klaus and Moritz Rinn, who both conduct research in this area, will shed light on the intertwining of space, control and criminalization. Ralf Köhnlein (Fixpunkt e.V.) will report on his activities in the field of Drogenhilfe ("drug help") and explain the effects of criminalization on local work based on his practical experience. David Kiefer (Wrangelkiez United) reports from the perspective of critical residents on racist police practices and political negotiation processes around Görlitzer Park.

After substantive input from the speakers and a moderated panel discussion, there will be plenty of room for open questions, additional contributions and perspectives. Sarah Klosterkamp will moderate the event.

Sat 17:15 - 19:00 StadtWERKSTATT
Panel Discussion