Right to urban nature

Right to urban nature

Judith König, Initiative Emmauswald bleibt
Caroline Seige, AG Artenschutz Naturfreunde

Panel discussion on the question of what needs to change in municipal politics so that every living being can experience the right to access urban nature.

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Urban nature means living space. Urban nature means rebellious wilderness in the midst of utilization and density. Urban nature means the right to uncommercial open spaces. Urban nature means the climate-resilient and biodiverse city of the future.

The right to urban nature means: the right to a habitat for all living creatures that share the urban environment with us. It means the right to protected green spaces, wild hedges, birdsong, flower strips, cracks in walls, dead wood, old cemeteries, green backyards and abandoned attics. The right to urban nature also means the right to an intact environment - and to species protection. Who can claim this right for themselves and who has to fight for it? At a political level, the city and nature are often seen as opposites. Again and again, it is urban nature that seems to stand in the way of new office buildings, roads and expensive condominiums. Accelerated construction procedures make it possible to bypass environmental assessments and citizen participation. Far too often, it is enough for investors to simply make compensation payments for the destruction of forest and green spaces.

Come to our panel discussion and find out what needs to change in urban policy so that every living being can experience the right to access urban nature. Caroline Seige, who campaigns for the protection of building nesting birds and habitats in the city, and Judith König, who campaigns for the protection of the largest forest in Neukölln, meet for an interview. The event will be hosted by Laurie, who is involved in various groups fighting for urban nature and against gentrification. We will provide you with specific information on how you can campaign for the preservation and promotion of urban nature and how you can defend yourself against unbending politicians and major investors. What problems are there in the fights? What does it take? What options do people have to protect and promote urban nature? At the end there will be room for discussion and questions.

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Mon 6:18 - 0:00 Glasraum (StadtWERKSTATT)
Panel Discussion