Screen Printing: Template Creation and Poster Printing

Screen Printing: Template Creation and Poster Printing

Paul van Druck

Part I: Discussion/brainstorming session for a common topic of the motif, sketching and then transfer to a frame. Part II: The finished frame is set up, colour is mixed and reproduced on A3 posters. All resulting prints can be taken with you afterwards.

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In the first part of the workshop, we will prepare a screen printing poster together, design a layout and then reproduce it using the screen printing process. Collectively, we decide which theme or message(s) we want to reproduce to create the final design together. In an open round of reflection/discussion, we choose a topic, make sketches, write texts. Finally, everything is traced onto a film and transferred to a screen printing frame. In the second part, we prepare the paper, mix ink and print everything. At the end, each participant can take the posters they have printed with them.
The process is completely analog, so there are no options for printing or digital editing. Short texts/graphics can also be prepared so that they are only transferred, if they fit the topic. A joint poster will be created, whether it will be a collage or something more uniform will be determined in the workshop itself.

Sat 11:45 - 13:30 Waschraum (StadtWERKSTATT)
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