Starting and Ending Campaigns: How Do I Strengthen My Political Position Through Allyship?

Starting and Ending Campaigns: How Do I Strengthen My Political Position Through Allyship?


Together with Arne Semsrott (Freiheitsfonds) and Helena Steinhaus (Sanktionsfrei), the 9-Euro-Fonds wants to discuss and illustrate how cross-initiative work strengthens common positions. In the subsequent workshop, we want to give you a roadmap on how to start and end political campaigns.

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Part 1: Starting and ending political campaigns

In the course of our work, we have developed transferable questions and points of reference that arise in one way or another in most campaigns. Two overarching questions that we would like to look at with you are Representative:internal politics (at what point can an (organizing) group speak for and make decisions for a much larger group?) and when does a campaign end (when does the political momentum of a campaign end and how can it be ended responsibly?). We want to share our experiences and hear others because this movement knowledge is too often lost, but at the same time it is the most valuable thing we have.

Part 2: Political allyship — creating movement cycles

The 9-Euro-Fund is part of a multifaceted movement for fairer mobility and the fight for social justice. We want to illustrate this embedding in a political network and emphasize what became possible in our case, what successes and absurd possibilities arose. We want to talk to you about how movement cycles of political initiatives can strengthen each other and why it can be dangerous for the political struggle to fall exclusively into internal organizational logics. How is it possible to sustainably strengthen and support each other within a movement through political alliances without restricting or stopping each other with alliance plenary sessions?

Sat 15:00 - 16:45 Tommyhaus
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